Parish Records

Scaleby Bishops' Transcripts

January 9th 1666George, son of James Grame
March 19th 1666John, son of William Grame
February 7th 1669Margrett, daughter of Joseph Grame
5th November 1671James, son of James Graham
January 13th 1678Peter, son of Huchy? Grame
November 1687William, son of George Graham
April 22nd 1688Anne, daughter of Peter Graham
29 January 1693 ? son of John Grahme
16th November 1693David, son of William Grahme
24th May 1694Richard, son of Richard Grahme
24th June 1694John, son of George Grahme
9th September 1694John, son of Francis Grahme
22nd December 1695Jacob, son of John Grahme
26th December 1696Margareta, daughter of William Grahme
4th February, 1676Huchy? Graham & Anne Grame
October 9th 1693Richard Graham & Janeta Carre
January 15th 1694Francis Grahme & Jane Bell
September 26th 1695Hugh Grahme & Janet Blaikloch
July 1st 1696George Goodfellow & Jane Grahme
February 12th 1710George Simpson & Gracey Grahme
February 15th 1665Jos. Grame
January 7th 1669Jane Grame
October 19th 1672James Graham
July 10th 1674Janett, wife of Hughie Graham
November 30th 1674Peter Graham
April 28th 1694Richard Grahme
January 28th 1696Thomas Grahme

Transcribed by Marian Foster.

Note. The Scaleby Bishops' Transcripts are defective, and only fragments survive

Scaleby Marriages

20 March 1730Thomas Gibson & Mary GrahamNo.51
19 February 1740*Richard Graham & Elinor GibsonNo.64
10 February 1789Henry Graham (a Taylor) & Jane Gibson, both of Halfway HouseNo.147
5 October 1795Anthony Graham, of Scaleby Hill & Jane PalmerNo.158
19 November 1796**George Gibson & Sarah Graham, both of ScalebyNo.163

*Christine Gill, Ellenor Partridge and Marian Foster, contributors to this web-site, are all directly descended from Richard Graham & Elinor Gibson

**These are the Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandparents of Tony Powley, who transcribed these records. (George Gibson c. 1-1-1774, a husbandman. Sarah Graham c. 12-7-1774)

Scaleby Burials. PR/149/1
Name Place Date Age
John Graham Fordsyke 7 March 1805 87 Years
George Graham Scaleby Hall 21 June 1802 62 Years
*Eleanor Graham - 22 March 1799 89 Years

*Wife of Richard Graham

Scaleby Burials. PR/149/2
Name Place Date Age
John Graham Poorhouse 17 March 1811 66 Years

Scaleby Burials. PR/149/5
Name Place Date Age
Richard Graham Irthington 10 September 1820 35 years
Lucy Graham Kendal 4 February 1824 22 months
James GrahamBrighton Flat3 March 182779 years
Margaret GrahamScaleby Hall13 June 182782 years
William GrahamScaleby Hall25 November 183184 years
Edward Graham Stanwix 14 November 1832 37 Years
***Ann GrahamBrighton Flat24 September 183779 years
George Graham Shawstown, Parish of Stapleton 3 December 1839 97 Years
*Eleanor Graham Church House 16 October 1832 89 Years
**Sarah Graham Church House 17 October 1832 58 Years
John GrahamFordsike15 August 184065 years
George GrahamBrighton Flat21 June 185160 years
Joseph GrahamBrighton Flatt15 January 185150 years
Elizabeth GrahamFordsyke3 July 185175 years
George Graham Nunclose, Armathwaite 6 November 1851 67 Years
Mary GrahamScaleby Hall3 February 185242 years
Walter Graham Carlisle 15 February 1853 73 Years
John Graham Barclose 13 July 1854 78 Years
Thomas Graham Church House 20 May 1859 83 Years
Ellen GrahamBrighton Flatts186178 years
Richard GrahamCarlisle27 August 185970 years
Isabella GrahamShawstown29 September 1859-
Mary GrahamBrightonflat1 February 186118 days
Isabella Graham Church House 1 June 1862 83 Years
William GrahamShawstown, Stapleton10 July 186387 years
Rowland GrahamCarlisle30 June 187179 years
Joseph Graham Church House 9 November 1894 89 Years
James GrahamBrighton Flatt10 February 189977 years

*Died of cholera **Died of cholera ***Widow of William Graham, of Scaleby Hall

Transcribed by Tony Powley, West Kirby, Wirral