James Watson Graham was the son of Richard Graham and Isabella Watson. Richard and Isabella married at Kirklinton on 29th June, 1816. James was christened at St. Mary's, Carlisle on 12 August, 1821, and had an elder brother, George, christened at Kirklinton Church on 24 February, 1817. Their father, Richard, became a school teacher in Carlisle, but James seems to have had an interest in farming. He began to work for his batchelor Uncle William, at the Brightonflatt. When William died in 1874, James was his sole heir. James died on 8th February, 1899 aged 77 years, and is buried in Scaleby Churchyard.

Hannah Turnbull was christened on 11th November, 1833 at Kirklinton, the daughter of Walter Turnbull, a farmer, and Mary. She married James Watson Graham in the Parish Church at Scaleby on November 5th, 1860. They had 5 children: William (Will), Ellenor (Ellen), Walter (Wattie), George (Geordie), and Richard (Dick). Hannah died on 24th December, 1899 aged 65 and is buried in Scaleby Churchyard.

William was their eldest son. He farmed at the Kingmoor, and married Jane Hope, the sister of Thomas Hope, who became Ellen's husband. So brother and sister married a sister and brother. William and Jane had 3 children: Mary, Ada and James.


Five of the six daughters of Ellen Graham and Thomas Hope. They are: Jean, Ada, Clara, Ellie and Norah. Hannah died when she was 16 of rheumatic fever.

Jean with her fiddle.

"Jean Hope, my auntie, married William Brown who was a commercial traveller for Menzies the stationers. Auntie Jean (I think her name was Jane really) was sent to a commercial school in Carlisle. She was an accomplished fiddle player. She was asked to go to a music school in London to study the fiddle, but was not encouraged by her parents. Auntie Ada was also sent to a commercial school in Carlisle, and she married a school master, who became head master of Penton School. My mam, Clara, was a red cross nurse during the war. She married a farmer's son from one of the nearby farms. Auntie Ellie (Ellen) stayed at home, and helped to look after her mother. Auntie Norah learnt to play the piana, and at the age of 18 got Bell's Palsy. A terrible ordeal for a young lovely looking girl! Hannah died with rheumatic fever, and Auntie Ada's daughter, Moira, died at the age of 8 of the same thing."

Ellenor Scott Partridge, Sydney, NSW


Back row, left to right: Norah Hope, Thomas Hope, Ellen (Graham) Hope, Walter Graham. Seated: Annie (Broadfoot) Graham. On chair: Mary Hope Scott.

The Marriage of Sarah Jane Graham and Percy Graham.