Descent of Scaleby Hall & Brightonflatt Grahams

Generation One

James Graham

Deeds of Scaleby Hall DX56/1

Christine Gill writes: "When I myself looked through these old records I found a scrap of paper (and I mean literally a scrap) which read:

This James Grame or Graham was the father of Wm. Graham who heads the will of 20th Oct. 1721 & grandfather to Geo. Graham who suffered the recovery in Easby.

Other Tentative Information on James Graham

In "The Population of Cumberland 1641/42" there are 5 Grahams listed in Scaleby: Francis, George, John (2) and Peter. One of these may have been the father of James Graham.

Contributed by Alma Rasheed of the Faugh, Cumbria

Cumberland Hearth Tax Returns, 1664: Scaleby

GRAHAMWidow of Fardsicke GRAHAM, PETERof Scalbie GRAHAM, JAMESof Scalbie

Transcribed by Tony Powley

Inventory for James Graham, Scaleby 1672

This inventory gives no family information, but if it is the inventory for the James Graham we are interested in, it would provide his date of death. It introduces a Humphrey Graham as a debtor of James Graham.

The Inventory is held at the Cumbria Record Office, The Castle, Carlisle

Note Contained in the Deeds of Scaleby Hall (DX 56/1) are Deeds between William Musgrave Esquire, Lord of Scaleby, and Walter Bell, 1626. From information in a Customary Deed it appears that the Grahams took over the customary tenancy probably through purchase.

Generation two

William Graham

Born 1650-1667

Died 1725

Married to Jane

Children of William and Jane

The Bishops' Transcripts for Scaleby are defective, with many years missing. The only christenings recorded are those of David & Margrit. The rest are taken from the reverse side of the Customery Deed (Deeds Scaleby Hall DX 56/1). Of the sons, only George, William, Richard and David are mentioned in William's will. A James and a John Graham are witnesses to the will, but we cannot be certain that they are the children of William and Jane

George was a bachelor. We have no information about any heirs for William. Richard inherits the messuages one at Brighting flatt, and the other in the township of Scaleby, on the death of George in 1772.

Generation three

Richard Graham

Born 1709

Died July 22, 1779

Married to Eleneor Gibson on 19 Feb., 1739

Children of Richard and Eleneor